Sweet Cuisine (INGLÉS)

Sweet Cuisine is an attractive and varied dessert menu that signals an authentic revolution in cuisine. This book contains almost 80 recipes and more than 260 formulas. Ten masters join together in this book to show their distinct styles through innovative techniques and refined formulas. Each creation in Cocina Dulce contains: a full page, full color, high quality photograph of the finished work composition details ingredients given in metric units method of preparation and assembly Frédéric Bau, Yann Duytsche, Jordi Roca, Montse Estruch, Mey Hofmann, Ramon Freixa, Josep Armenteros, Isaac Balaguer, Annick Janin and Abraham Balaguer make up the exclusive group of pastry chefs, with dishes that reveal their insatiable creativity in the sweetest area of the kitchen. Cocina Dulce provides a magnificent exercise in style and a source of inspiration in the art of the dessert.